Every watch brand produces some peripherals each year, basically speaking, eyepieces, card cases, and signature pens. In addition to these three reserved items, there are all kinds of strange things, such as Vacheron Constantin's belt. This belt buckle adopts Vacheron Constantin's iconic 'Malta' cross design, which has great brand recognition. If it is a meeting between cousins, wearing this Vacheron Constantin belt, it feels much dazzling than Hermes, LV. In addition to the ones worn on the body, there are edible foods around the strange clocks, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre honey. Bees pollinate plants and promote plant reproduction while collecting nectar, so as early as 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre placed 10 beehives in the factory to demonstrate the brand's concern for environmental protection. And the honey brewed by these bees will also be made into gifts around. However, among the many gifts, the Chinese are most concerned about Rolex 'green hat'! Since the last century

It can be like a retro dual-card recording and recording, using two disks to express time on the MBamp; F HM2 SV watch; it can also be like a miniature universe, three satellites rolling in space, rolling out the respective time readings (of course you Also read in conjunction with the minute display below the surface) Urwerk satellite display watch UR-210 'Maltese Falcon'. When you are confused by avant-garde innovative digital products, you will think of a mechanical watch, may it look like this?

Summary: NOMOS, as one of the representative brands of German watches, is not as expensive as the original Lange and Glashütte. The three watches recommended for everyone today have a price of around 20,000 yuan, which is still within the range accepted by most people. This is also the foundation of the  NOMOS brand positioning. If you want a wrist with a German simple wrist The small three-hand watch of the watch, NOMOS is definitely your best choice.

In the previous article, I introduced the long and glorious history of Omega, as well as the constellation series, the hippocampus series and the Speedmaster series in the four series of the brand. In this article, we will focus on introducing one of Omega's most elegant series-De Fei series. The De Ville series began in 1960 and was born under a thin trend in the watch industry. With the evolution of the times, the De Fei series has always maintained the elegant temperament of gentlemen and ladies, and continues to expand and grow. It is now a very important and elegant product line of Omega.

This is the first watch of the Great Wall series. It adopts the automatic mechanical movement certified by the ETA 2836-2 Observatory. The case diameter is 42 mm. The water resistance is 100 meters. The transparent bottom cover shows the intricately carved movement. The white minute bezel indented on the dial is like the inscription on the Great Wall inscribed with time, and the nickel-plated metal dotted hour scales seem to convey the years as a beacon, connecting the solid image of the Great Wall with the stable and simple temperament of the watch.

'Plasma' is one of the keywords of the RADO DiaMaster diamond master series, this series has a total of twenty watches using this breakthrough material, including two new skeleton watches. Each ceramic component of the DiaMaster diamond high-tech ceramic skeleton watch-whether it is an integrally formed case, crown or separate link-is made of white high-tech ceramic. After being matte or polished, all components are placed in a plasma high-tech ceramic sintering furnace. When the plasma high-tech ceramic reaches 900 degrees Celsius, its unique warm gray metallic luster will slowly emerge from the inside.

Breguet's '12 Zodiac' series is the best example. The white dial fired by the large open flame enamel process looks like spotless rice paper painted in the United States. On the white dial, the traditional Chinese painting ink painting is used to outline the scene of the life of the ancestors, or linger in the distant mountains and the water, or wandering in the pavilion courtyard; or rest and the street fields; crane-haired elderly, beautiful women , Laughing children, hold the zodiac signs at their fingertips. This situation and scene is the so-called harmony and interest in Chinese tradition and the childhood memory in the hearts of Chinese people.

For adventure-loving mountaineering enthusiasts, if you want to find a place that can take in the magnificent views of the Alps, Jungfrau is the first choice. Jungfrau is a famous mountain in Switzerland, with an elevation of 4,158 meters (13,642 feet) above sea level. When the sky is clear, it can overlook the Black Forest in Germany and the Vosges Mountains in France. The 22-km-long Aletsch Glacier starts from Jungfrau. For the fanatics who are passionate about traveling or exploring, the meaning of travel is more to be able to appreciate the unknown, and the magnificent scenery of Jungfrau is even more fascinating!

In 1933, American pilot Charles. Charles Lindbergh and his wife drove his Spirit of St. Louis on a 47,000-kilometer trans-North Atlantic flight. Lin Bai wrote a new chapter in the history of science and technology and completed the first uninterrupted flight in the North Atlantic, and then further explored the future Arctic route across the North Atlantic before going around Cape Verde and Brazil to the United States. . In this long-term exploration, the tools that Lin Bai carried with him included a Longines flight watch created for this task. Today, Longines watches reissued this Longines forest white Atlantic flight watch to commemorate the aviation pioneer's historical achievements.

The 70th Venice International Film Festival, organized by the Venice Biennale, will be held from August 28 to September 7, 2013. At that time, Jaeger-LeCoultre will bring a series of fantasy high-level watchmaking works to the film festival and show its Jubilée anniversary series watches.

This watch is paired with an exquisite and elegant adjustable folding buckle, which eliminates the trouble of cutting the strap. The polished buckle is exquisite and delicate, showing the extraordinary brand quality.

Since the island can't be attracted by the mysterious seabed? Coupled with professional diving equipment, you can touch the delicate soft coral deep into the seabed, feel the wonderful touch of the water flowing in the fingers, and explore another wonderful world. The Tissot watch, which has always been ingenious, brings the Junchi 200 series watch. On the basis of the 316L stainless steel strap, a safety buckle and a special extension device for diving suits are added. Wear the beloved watch to explore the secrets of the ocean; coated with The scales and pointers of super-environmentally friendly fluorescent materials make it easy to read the time under dark water, providing more protection for this underwater adventure. It is also a good choice to ride around the island by the sea. This watch has the function of simultaneous segmentation and cumulative time counting to 1/10 second, which can accurately record the time of movement. The speedometer on the outer ring of the dial can measure movement The average speed of the hour, indulge in gallop, be a teenager chasing the wind.

The King's Supreme Arturo Fuente watch is limited to 100 pieces in the gold version and 200 pieces in the ceramic version.

Wu Xiaobo Channel has been committed to finding and supporting a group of new craftsmen who can represent the new forces of manufacturing in the United States since 2016. This group of young entrepreneurs are young people with great business aspirations and innovative thinking in this see here era. They are committed to creating new consumer products that meet the trend of consumption upgrades and the needs of the new middle class, and thus have achieved excellent business achievements. The footsteps of the times have hurried forward, and the speed and scale of the world's changes are expanding unbelievably. How to continuously innovate has become the classic motif of this era. Wu Xiaobo channel hopes to help and guide these young entrepreneurs with great business potential to promote the transformation and upgrading of American manufacturing.

The establishment of BALL Watch unified the time of American railways, in order to praise the brand's glorious past, this year, using the antique BALL Watch 8th kinetic energy storage wooden table clock produced in 1930 as a creative inspiration, launched the classic and elegant observatory watch Trainmaster Cleveland Express.